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A few months ago I visited my friends in Durham, North Carolina, and they took me to this awesome restaurant called Scratch, which makes (among other things) pies.

When I was writing up the experience, I came across a list of America’s best pies created by Food and Wine magazine that featured Scratch. A few weeks ago I was looking at this old post, and revisited the top-notch pie list. I found one in San Francisco, called Mission Pie, and so of course I had to go.

I convinced someone to drive up to the city with me on a whim on a Sunday evening and we ordered ourselves some pie! I got the peach-berry and my friend got the banana cream. Mission Pie is incredibly popular: every table was taken with people hanging out, eating pie and drinking coffee, working on laptops, and having meetings. At this point I was pretty excited because I both love pie and I love hyped-up restaurants that live up to their name.

But, I have to admit: I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the pie was good. But there were basically two problems. (1) I just made a banana cream pie a few weeks ago which was better than the one we ordered. (2) My peach pie used what had to have been canned peaches. In the summer in California, really, this seems like cheating.

At $4 a slice, I didn’t feel the pie was worth it. I liked the fun hipstery vibe of the place, and if I lived up the street, I would definitely visit again and give their pies second and third chances. But, as is, living a few dozen miles away, I probably won’t return.

It depends on your critical style: for me, the main thing I like about buying food at restaurants is eating things I cannot reproduce properly at home, like sushi, and French pastries. Other people may not feel this is a realistic rubric by which to measure food. Anyway, Mission Pie does have a high rank on Urbanspoon, so I am clearly in the minority when it comes to my pie expectations. Mission Pie on Urbanspoon

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  1. Helen
    September 16, 2013

    I agree with your rubric ! if i can make it myself, i expect them to do it better !


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