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I made plans to come into DC, where I’ve visited quite a few times before, doing the generic circle of Smithsonian museum and national monument visits. I have one friend these days who lives in DC, a guy named Ricky that I met by chance in Costa Rica. A few days before I arrived in DC he sent me the following message:

There’s this restaurant that was voted GQ’s best new restaurant in DC. It’s walk-in only, so the wait can be a bit much. But it’s thai food, and literally the best.

Since I’m a big fan of Thai food and usually interested in checking out new restaurants, I responded yes, I definitely want to check out the Thai place. I had no idea what I was in for. The restaurant is called Little Serow and is definitely the best restaurant I’ve ever visited (though, to be fair, I haven’t been to many top-notch restaurants perse).

We walked in the door on a Thursday evening around 6 o’clock, and found that they would seat us between 8:30 and 9:00 (no reservations). I was about to settle in for a two to three hour gab fest with Ricky to pass the time, when I realized that the restaurant would text us 10 minutes before we were to be seated, so we could go play elsewhere in Dupont Circle for a few hours.

When we returned, we were seated at the long center table, facing the restaurant’s command area, which is disguised as a vintage dresser. Can you believe there is a cash register inside the top drawer? Maybe you can faintly see the illumination of a monitor through the crack in the drawer. I love the color of the walls and the simplicity of the white pitchers. It is a lot bit hipster, but in a way that I thoroughly appreciate. Check out the courses we were served by reading the menu.

There was also a huge basket of basil, cucumbers, greens, and other veggies to go with the courses. The food was pretty spicy for my taste, so I was happy I ordered both the sweet rice milk (kind of like Horchata, but better… way, way better) and the hibiscus iced tea. The cucumbers also helped with the spice.

I tried many foods I had never had before, such as river weed and snakehead fish.

My favorite courses were #2, a spicy and delicious soup, and #7, the pork ribs, which were falling-off-the-bone delicious.

Forty-five dollars was a very good deal for this menu, and keep in mind I’m someone who hasn’t spent more than $15 on a meal in years. Next time I come to DC, if Little Serow is still accessible, I would not hesitate to visit again.

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